Volunteers of America Minnesota

Volunteers of America Minnesota (VOAM) is our authorizing agent. Their oversight helps strengthen all areas of accountability for our board and staff. We entered into our first contract with VOAM in 2005. Our second contract was renewed in 2008 and our third in 2011. In 2013 we received our fourth contract for four years, to be renewed in 2017. We received annual evaluation from VOA that includes school board meeting observations. In addition to our annual report submission, we submit all other compliance items as requested by VOA.

Our designated liaison is Stephanie Olsen whose contact information is:

Stephanie Olsen, Manager

Charter School Authorizing Program

Volunteers of America of Minnesota

924 19th Ave. South

Minneapolis, MN 55404

email: solsen@voamn.org

Cell: 612-270-1998

Website: www.voamn.org