NCCS Board

NCCS Board

Pictured left to right: Elizabeth LeNoir, Stacey Anderson, Ann Meyer, Jo Pelham

Board of Directors for 2023-2024

Chair: Email Ann Briggs

Vice-Chair: Email Stacey Anderson

Secretary/Treasurer: Email Jo Pelham

Clerk: Email Elizabeth LeNoir 

Board Member: Email Carrie Bush

The Board of Directors meet the second Thursday of each month at 4:30.

Finance committee meets at 4:00 prior to the meeting each month.


We embrace a whole-person approach that builds on human potential and promotes thriving communities. From infants to elders, our services encompass the entire human lifespan — and the whole human experience. We break down silos, so people can access whatever resources they need. As circumstances change, we’re right there with support to fill the gaps. We’re the coach in people’s corner, experts in building well-being, the stalwart ally who can always see a hopeful path forward. And we’re in it for the long haul, with 125 years of proven results.